18 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mark Vainomaa 74da793699 Update nginx to 1.17.5 1 year ago
  Mark Vainomaa 5ebf20c1ef Update nginx to 1.17.4 1 year ago
  Arti Zirk b5c071a713 Check config before systemctl reload 1 year ago
  Mark Vainomaa f00c529dc3 Update nginx to 1.17.1, NChan to 1.2.6 1 year ago
  Mark Vainomaa 94edec1e01
Update to 1.15.8 2 years ago
  Mark Vainomaa 4eaef359cb
Add crucial gitignore 2 years ago
  Mark Vainomaa 9c43195b6c
Replace version string to be cooler 2 years ago
  Mark Vainomaa 102db978a5
Sync with upstream nginx-mainline and make PKGBUILD prettier 2 years ago
  Arti Zirk 3c95d21dae Version bump, adds nchan 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk ee349abc52 New version 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 7c3829ee7c Version bump 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 8c69307ec0 New nginx version 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 85399eaf83 Merge changes from ABS 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 7f0aaea547 Actually build the headers_more module 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 68cef2613e Update nginx to 1.11.10 and add ngx_headers_more module 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 080e0a227e Add a patch that fixes display names for files in webdav 4 years ago
  Arti Zirk 66d98a3a0d fix link 4 years ago
  Arti Zirk 77b8e69053 init 4 years ago