101 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Arti Zirk 0c1783a47c Fix another memory leak on malloc fail 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 0f5a58fa50 Fix a memory leak when malloc fails on adding a new card. 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 3c69228743 Fixes for new gcc 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk c7fa127581 Update program name in readme 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk e3312dd394 Style fixes 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 10dfdb5a1b Add license 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 185ec07134 Fixes 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 6a271e8f48 Move all strings to hmi_msg 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk fdfeabbcaa lab06 functionality done 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 41d61f9752 Removing a card works now 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 08870f2b9b Enable adding a user name to a card 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk da84a7de9d Fix adding cards to linked list 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 9c135dac88 Added functions for adding and listing added cards 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 111699cae1 Added working rfid card read command 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 6cb4dd0157 Merge https://gitlab.com/I237-2016/skeleton 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 6751621dbe Remove unused swdefs include from SPI library 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 11d7c2cecd Add wiring Arduino Mega RFID-RC522 wiring schema 3 years ago
  Silver Kits c55ff6b1c0 Add SPI and RFID-RC522 pin definitions for Arduino Mega 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 4dde6ad12f Add SPI and RFID-RC522 libraries from https://github.com/matejx/avr_lib 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 4d89cbfd84 remove debug code 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk e991f970a8 lab05 ready 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 6efb7921ff Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.com/I237-2016/skeleton 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk dbd9c35dc4 Fix 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 2706180dac Move some declarations to hmi_msg.c file 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk f1fe589942 Fix lab04 based on feedback 3 years ago
  Silver Kits d6fdf0ac12 Change microrl library configuration to be suitable for student labs 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 6fa1c472b1 Fix microrl compile error: 3 years ago
  Silver Kits a4b86db84a Add micro read line library from https://github.com/Helius/microrl 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 04031523d4 Style fixes and added some comments 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk f3676e9408 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.com/I237-2016/skeleton 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 256059d358 Rename all files in doc directory to lower case to avoid problems in case-insensitive and case-aware file systems. 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 55ed13b805 Add LCD Keypad shield placement image 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 861f0c57d8 Fix USB-UART wiring table mistake pointed out by Liina 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 30bd26d471 Add heartbeat and system time 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 22461eaff4 Async uart 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 6635f07e8d Merge branch 'make-install-warning' of https://gitlab.com/artizirk/skeleton 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 39a457b101 Error out from make install if ARDUINO env var is unset 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 079a8ff367 Merge branch 'master' of https://gitlab.com/I237-2016/skeleton 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 8b7377dff3 Add interrupt driven UART library from https://github.com/andygock/avr-uart 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 51e4a8bc9b Enable to use main() without return value 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 9e46b92744 Constants shouldn't be uppercase 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 500c36b81b Last fixes for lab03.2 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 9d5fff9fa0 Better final version of lab03.2 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk f72a7b33e0 Final version of lab03.2 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 1fad6de2e1 Even lower memory usage 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 14a6e4ff91 Merge Silvers Makefile changes 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 281d4d72c5 Format only .c files in source directory with make format 3 years ago
  Silver Kits 2ea46d4402 Format only .c files in source directory with make format 3 years ago
  Silver Kits e6888bd251 Add LTO and unused data/functions optimisations suggested by Arti 3 years ago
  Arti Zirk 89b7339775 Enable Link Time Optimization and function garbage collection 3 years ago