I237 Riistvaralähedane programmerimine 2016
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I237 Hardware Programming

This here is my repository for hardware programming course at Estonian IT College that is based around a Arduino Mega 2560.

This code us usualy updated once every two weeks when a new excersice is put up by Silver Kits.

How to install

Currently to test this code you have to clone the repository

git clone https://git.wut.ee/arti/i237.git hardware
cd hardware

And export a enviroment variable that points to a Arduino Mega board. The real path will depend on the OS and Computer that you are using. For me it is usualy /dev/ttyACM0.

export ARDUINO=/dev/ttyACM0

After that you can make the project.

make clean
make install

You can also chekcout previous labs using git checkout <lab name>. For example

git checkout lab02

Don’t forget to make clean after each checkout!