man-tiny, A very simple man page viewer that supports MANPATH
Updated 2011-05-18 07:15:03 +03:00
OpenWrt packages, This repository is meant to contain OpenWrt-packages (ports of Software to OpenWrt) which are not (yet) ready to get upstream
Updated 2014-01-24 15:10:43 +02:00
OpenWrt XBurst, development environment for Qi Hardware device.
Updated 2012-12-28 04:30:02 +02:00
Werner's Miscellanea, Assorted small items that don't fit anywhere else
Updated 2014-12-01 08:14:56 +02:00
XBurst Tools, collection of boot and flash tools for XBurst devices.
Updated 2013-02-07 16:16:05 +02:00
imgv, Very simple image viewer for the Ben imgv is a barebone SDL-based image viewer for the Ben Nanonote. At the moment it only supports loading and showing a single image from the command line: imgv "filename" Can zoom, rotate, auto-fit an image (via hotkeys). Tested with .BMP, .PNG and .JPG, but should should support the following formats: BMP, GIF, JPEG, LBM, PCX, PNG, PNM, TGA, TIFF, XCF, XPM, XV Using is with large images (i.e., larger than 1 megapixel) is not recommended due to CPU and memory constraints on the Ben: it becomes quite slow.
Updated 2010-10-20 08:22:03 +03:00
Small C program to write text to i2c oled display. Copied from
Updated 2023-09-24 16:01:04 +03:00