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C8051F32x firmware infrastructure, Firmware modules for Silicon Labs C8051F32x USB microcontrollers http://projects.qi-hardware.com/index.php/p/f32xbase/
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2011-09-04 12:31:13 -03:00
c2ben c2brn.brd: updated all footprints to update pad types 2011-01-18 16:05:23 -03:00
c2usb Moved ssop.fpd from f32xbase/c2usb to kicad-libs (deletions) 2011-08-14 05:05:15 -03:00
f32x c2-ben.c: title comment still claimed the driver was for GTA01/02 2011-01-17 17:43:55 -03:00
fw fw/common/Makefile.common (clean, spotless): allow overloading (with ::) 2011-09-04 12:31:13 -03:00
include/f32xbase f32xbase didn't build on ancient Gentoo due to missing include. 2010-08-24 06:44:44 -03:00
lib lib/Makefile.common: changed "clean:" to "clean::" to allow for additions 2011-01-19 17:53:36 -03:00
BOOKSHELF Add DFU to BOOKSHELF. Add MMC driver unloading instructions to f32x/README 2010-11-05 22:00:13 -03:00
COPYING.GPLv2 README and GPLv2. 2010-08-13 09:03:17 -03:00
Makefile Added BOOKSELF and dsv setup procedure. 2010-10-08 03:55:02 -03:00
README Put libraries at end of linker invocation to make it work with local 2010-08-20 16:16:13 -03:00

F328Xbase - C8051F32x firmware infrastructure

Copyright 2008-2010 Werner Almesberger

The files in this package are distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License (GPL), either version 2, or (at your
option) any later version.

The full text of the license is included in the file COPYING.GPLv2.

This project is a collection of firmware modules for the Silicon
Labs C8051F32x series of microcontollers. This includes part of a
USB stack and a DFU-capable boot loader.


To do

Directory organization

fw/		Firmware sources
  boot/		DFU-capable boot loader
  common/	Code shared between boot loader and applications
  example/	A very simple example application
f32x/		Flash programmer using the C2 protocol


To do