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This is a collection of utilities for Electronic Design Automation:

- boom: a BOM-processing system. Note that the core scripts of BOOM are
  at http://svn.openmoko.org/trunk/eda/boom. The material here builds
  upon them.

- dsv: data sheet viewer. A simple but efficient system for caching data
  sheets and displaying them with xpdf from command line.

- eeshow: renderer and generator of graphical differences for schematics
  from KiCad Eeschema.

- fab: set of tools to convert/generate files for fabrication

- fpd2pdf: convert a set of footprints (made with FPED) into a
  reviewer-friendly PDF.

- mlztx: set of tools to copy text across layers or across text fields
  in a layout, e.g., to place a version number at several locations

- schhist: a system to walk a KiCad project's git revision history and
  generating Web-browseable graphical differences of the schematics.

  Obsolete. Use eeshow instead.

- swpcmp: swap components in a layout

- Makefile.kicad: common makefile for KiCAD projects. Note that some of
  the functions provided there use the command-lines patches for KiCAD
  and therefore don't work with current versions of KiCAD.

Each utility can have its own licensing terms. They're specified in the
respective directory or in the file itself.