Keygen for Windows XP
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Universal MS Key Toolkit (UMSKT)

Connect with us

Zulip chat - #mspid Discord

Build status

C/C++ CI (Windows)

C/C++ CI (macOS)

C/C++ CI (Linux)

C/C++ CI (FreeBSD)


Plan of Action / ToDo List

In light of the recent exponential interest in this project I've decided to put updates of this project here:

Please see ticket #8 for more information


What does it do?

  • This program is a tool for researching and experimenting with retro Microsoft product licensing, for products released before 2012.

How does it work?

How do I use it?

  • It all comes down to four simple steps:


1. Download the latest version of UMSKT

  • (GitHub account required)

  • (GitHub account *not* required)

    • Download the latest release for your operating system and architecture from the releases page
    • No official releases right now, use the other method to get the latest version.
  • Note: Before continuing, please ensure you have the umskt executable extracted and on UNIX-like systems, have execution permissions (chmod +x umskt).

2. Install OpenSSL 3.1.2.

For Windows, click here and choose the right version. For other operating systems, consult your package manager. Note: This only applies if the build you download has OpenSSL embedded (static library) or not. You can usually tell if the download size is measured in KB or MB. If it's MB, you don't need this.

3. Run umskt to generate a key, or add --help or -h to see more options.

4. (Activation step for Retail and OEM only)

  • After installation, you will be prompted to activate Windows.

  • Select the telephone activation method, then, run umskt -i <Installation ID> using the Installation ID the activation Wizard provides for you

    • If you're activating a non-Windows product, use umskt -i <Installation ID> -m <Product>, where <Product> is one of OFFICEXP, OFFICE2K3, OFFICE2K7, or PLUSDME
    • If activating Office 2003/2007, use umskt -i <Installation ID> -m <Product> -p <Product ID>

4. Profit!


The list of people who have helped to bring the XP generation to where it is now:

  • z22
  • MSKey
  • diamondggg
  • pottzman
  • david4599
  • Endermanch
  • Neo-Desktop
  • WitherOrNot
  • TheTank20
  • InvoxiPlayGames
  • brakmic
  • techguy16

(the list will be updated to add more collaborators)

Development Requirements:

  • build-essential
    • cmake
    • make
    • gcc
    • g++
  • git

Build Steps:

  1. git clone
  2. cd UMSKT/build
  3. cmake ..
  4. make

Known Ports

Language Author Repo URL
Rust Alex Page anpage/umskt-rs
Python techguy16 techguy16/umsktpy